Turquoise Ranch

Working Cattle Ranch in Navajo and Coconino Counties, Arizona

Turquoise Ranch is FOR SALE!!! off the market pending price change. Turquoise Ranch is a sprawling 36,000 acre cattle ranch located in beautiful Northern Arizona. The ranch is nestled just north of Interstate 40, west of the town of Winslow, Arizona. This is a working ranch, great for cattle or other grazing livestock. Scroll down to learn more.

Location & Maps

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The Turquoise Ranch is located north and west of Winslow in both Coconino and Navajo Counties, Arizona. The deeded land is accessed from the Highway 99/Leupp (exit #245) on I-40 eight miles west of Winslow. Several interior ranch roads can be accessed off of N. Park Drive which is an exit off I-40 in Winslow.


The ranch runs 6-9 miles wide east to west by 7-8 miles wide north to south. Essentially the ranch lays within the boundary of the Navajo Reservation to the north, I-40 is the southern boundary, Hunt Road is fairly close as the western boundary and N. Park Drive is fairly close to the eastern boundary. Downtown Winslow is about 1.5 miles southeast of the southeast corner of the ranch. The ranch encompasses all of Tucker Mesa, Tucker Flat is between there and Toltec Divide. There is no adverse ownership (40 acre parcels) within the ranch, the ranch is a “checkerboard” configuration of the state lease and private lease. The ranch is fenced exteriorly and interiorly into 5 main rotational pastures and several smaller traps and holding pens. Topography is slightly rolling with some steeper areas going to level mesas, elevation ranges from 4,795’ on the Little Colorado River at the northeast end of the ranch to 5,220’ on the southwest end of the ranch, the deeded land and headquarters are at about 4,950’. Vegetation is a mix of plains and desert grassland with scrub, perennials such as sacaton, and sand dropseed and scrub such as four wing salt brush and winter fat are common in the area.

Carrying Capacity & Acreage

Tenure Acres AU
Deeded 79.87 1
State 17,417.72 168
BLM 548 6
Private lease 17,770.70 179 (168 stated, 11 est.)
Total 35,816.29 354

Building Improvements

There are no building improvements on the ranch, the old headquarters is on the private lease but the buildings are rundown, however there is a set of shipping pens at the old headquarters. There is a newer set of working corrals on the deeded land with a Powder River squeeze chute, calf table and alley. There are also several working corrals throughout the ranch on both the state and private lease.


Water on the ranch is mainly provided by 11 earthen tanks. There is a well with a submersible on the deeded land that is powered by a generator, there is one 3,000 gallon storage tank on the deeded also. The private lease has one windmill, two wells with submersible pumps and one spring, there is one windmill (doesn’t work) on the state lease.


There is electricity on the deeded land and old headquarters, however the deeded land utilizes a generator for the well.

Taxes, Zoning & Grazing Fees

2008 property taxes for Coconino County Assessor Parcel #’s 406-12-001E and 406-12-001G are $10, the zoning for the deeded land is Coconino County General 10 acre minimum parcel size. State Lease grazing fees were $4,838.40 ($2.40/AUM) and the private lease grazing fees were $4,158.75 for a total grazing fee and property tax bill of $9,007.15.


The Turquoise Ranch allows an owner to have a private ranch with no adverse ownership to deal with in the middle of the operation. The ranch has easy and quick access from I-40 and Winslow. With a population of over 10,000, Winslow has elementary through high schools and can provide for most medical and retail necessities. Anything not obtainable in Winslow most likely can be obtained from Flagstaff 50 miles to the west.


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Off the market pending price change. Please check back shortly.

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